Our mission is to become our customers’ most valued supplier and maintain that status. We are permanent member of Hong Kong Die-Casting Association and got the Certificate of Approval by ISO 9001:2000 in May 2001 (ISO 9001:2008). The major materials Zinc alloy, Stainless Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Brass, Glass, Ceramic, Acrylics for builder hardware items, such as knobs and pulls, bathroom accessories, gifts and premium, lighting hardware, electronic and car parts etc.

Factory Introduction:
Kinchiff is established in 1981, a worldwide metal die-casting manufacturing partner. In 2005, our plant expanded and exceeded 50,000 square meters. With continued plant expansion, equipment installation and technology advancement, Kinchiff can handle bulk productivity while ensuring quality.

1)Marketing Team
When our marketing team receives inquiries, we carefully go over potential problems and production procedures with our engineerers and production technicians.

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With its own design team, Kinchiff can design unique products according to the market trend. We also can produce OEM and ODM design.

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3)Mould Manufacturing / Storage
We produce different moulds with the latest technologies including CNC, EDM, and WIRECUT, which can produce different moulds printed with patterns and words.
mould manufacturing_amould_manufacturing

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4)Die Casting/ Stamping
With rapid technology development, Kinchiff has been researching on production technology by purchasing up-to-date machineries, improving on die casting and stamping to produce quality product precisely. For die-casting we can produce up to 650mm long and around 1.5kg of product weight.
die_casting stamping

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5)Laser Welding
We have invested in the latest laser welding technologies to enhance the accuracy and quality.

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Products will be polished to smooth the surface and increase the brightness. 90% of our polishing department is automatic to ensure the quality.

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7)Electroplating Line
We use automatic electroplating to reinforce the products’ stability, enhacing the protectiveness, and durability of the products..

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8)Laboratory Test
Kinchiff emphasizes on the raw materials’ stability. Our laboratory technicians carry out daily tests, to examine the chemical composition of the plating solution and the coating thickness, and to ensure the quality.

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9)Lacquering Production Line and Inspection
After spraying lacquer coating in various finishes, the products will be delivered to packaging department and undergo 100% quality inspection. With 100% inspection, tools that we use: salt spray test, profile projector, heat quench test, thickness test etc. Faucet handle, handle base, and escutcheon Specification manage as: 1) Passed Neutral Salt Spray Test 24 hours to 200 hours 2) 4 to 24 hours CASS Salt Spray Test/ ASTM B368 (CASS) 4 hours/ASTM B117 -24hours/ASTM G85-24hours /ASTM 571 a. Thickness accepts criteria: Cr (≥0.25μm) Ni (≥15.2μm) Cu(≥7.6 μm) 3) Passed appearance evaluation adhesion
lacquering_production_line inspection_dept

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The packaged products are placed at the warehouses for delivery. Our warehouses can accommodate abundant containers, so we can handle numerous orders at once.
transportation_a packaging_dept

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11)Other Facilities and EnvironmentWe welcome you to schedule a visit to our factory, so do not hesitate to contact us!Unit B, 2/F, Mai Sik Industrial Building,No. 1-11, Kwai Ting Road, Kwai Chung, N.T.,Hong KongTel: (852) 2429 4491Fax: (852) 2429 6768http://www.kinchiff.com.hkEmail:kinchiff@kinchiff.com.hk showroom training_room generator environmental_protection

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